Marc joined Infratects in 2012 and has worked hard to progress from Junior IT Support, to coordinating the support team here in Perth.

His experience in setting up the automated reporting of our periodic server checks, automating group policy and data-gathering for audit for a number of our clients combined with a zero-tolerance approach for errors in server logs has resulted in our clients experiencing the joys of reliable, faultless, IT operations.

soner bekir

Managing director

Soner has worked in IT since 1988 doing almost every function that its possible to do within IT. Having worked for extended periods in Spain and the Netherlands, Soner has a reasonable command of both Dutch and Spanish. He has also worked (at the last count) in over 20 countries, carrying out short term engagements, has provided services and consultancy to over 300 large multinationals.

He has more than 30 IT certifications, although most are now hopelessly out-dated, and is an experienced entrepreneur as well as a business advisor and committee member for a local sporting club.

He has two, almost fully grown children and a very fully grown golden retriever.

our service management team


a short history of infratects

Formed in 2000 in the Netherlands, Infratects was originally supposed to be an Infrastructure Consultancy focused on the design, implementation and management of complex, Microsoft-based, IT environments for large multinationals. As this was effectively a joint venture between the founder, Soner Bekir and Partake Consulting Europe (since acquired by EY), one of the principle jobs of Infratects from the get-go was the technical implementation of financial reporting environments - the functional implementation of which was the primary business of Partake.

After continuing this mix of activities until 2005, Infratects began focusing more heavily on financial reporting environments, and introducing standard additional services, such as support contracts and temporary hosting.

In 2008 the founder moved to Australia to establish Infratects there, in order to provide "natural" extended support coverage for our European clients, and build-up a local business. With significant turbulence in the Oracle EPM market (the application suite we are specialised in) opportunities presented themselves over the coming years to expand. Firstly to the United Kingdom in 2009, closely followed by Finland in 2011, Spain in 2012 and the United States in 2014.

While our focus in other countries is firmly fixed on the services surrounding Oracle | Hyperion EPM Suite, Australia has followed a somewhat different path, with core competencies in the EPM sphere available for servicing both local and remote clients, but also a more significant (in terms of volume) focus on providing enterprise-grade IT knowledge and experience to local small and medium business operations.      



our sTANDARD Terms and conditions

  • Invoicing is based on 30 min intervals
  • No travel time or expense is invoiced within 75km of our office location
  • All time is recorded and reported in invoicing with person supported and description of activity
  • Invoicing is monthly in arrears and subject to a 15-day payment term
  • Payment should be made via Electronic Bank Transfer