Assessments - The REASON

Whenever we take on a new client for more than just a simple support call, we like to take the time to get to understand what their current IT landscape looks like, what their plans for the business are and where their pain points are - in terms of laborious processes, frustration and doubt when trying to make use of IT.

IT should be a business enabler, allowing employees to work productively and easily, and giving businesses the ability to "punch above their weight" when delivering service or product to their customers. it should equally be the principle guardian of your business, giving you the ability to "carry on" through staff shortages, business interruption and disasters.

If that's not the case for your business, then chances are that your IT has just been viewed as a necessary evil and no real thought or planning has been carried out to maximise IT benefit and work on making sure your staff know how to make the most of what is at their disposal.




Well the cost is easy. We carry out assessments for all new business clients free of charge. Dependent on the size of the business, an assessment should take between one and three full man-days of effort, with typically one of these days being on-location - with access to the environment, the staff and the business owner. The rest of the time is spent collating the information collected and producing a report detailing what we see as the potential areas of improvement or concern.

Once the report is in the hands of the business owner, then they can do with it what they like.


So what does the assessment look like? While there may be differences based on the type of business environment we are assessing, as some business types do have unique requirements, the principal questions focus in the following areas;

  • Infrastructure - what's in place, what condition its' in, any plans for purchasing new infrastructure that have already been acted upon
  • Software & Licensing - what's in place, how was it purchased (volume licensing, OEM, etc.) and is it adequate
  • Connectivity - what's in place, how heavily is it utilized, what does the contract look like (duration, pricing)
  • Staffing - how many staff make use of the environment and what is the general split of functions
  • Staffing - organogram and role/security overview of who should be using or have access to what
  • Business - number and type of locations, requirements at each location, distribution of staff by location
  • Business - development plans, growth, acquisition, down-sizing, new premises, etc.
  • Applications - what are you currently using (standard & Line of Business applications)
  • Applications - what do you miss, what's difficult to deal with, what could be improved
  • Mobility - do you make use of smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices
  • Telephony - what do you have in place, per location
  • Policy - what (if any) policies do you have in place for your staff, business continuity, etc.
  • Budgeting - how much you are currently spending on IT

If having read this, you would like us to carry out an obligation-free assessment for you, please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.